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Fine Art or just a photograph?

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Have you ever wondered what the difference is between Fine Art photography and just a good old photograph? I wondered this too, even after becoming a professional photographer. For a while I thought it was because I had a really expensive camera, some pretty dresses and knew some nice locations. I even knew how to remove blemishes and make someone look 10 pounds lighter in Photoshop. But it didn’t feel like “Fine Art”. So I took more classes…in photography, in Photoshop, in “seeing light”. I bought more dresses, more props and more education. And then, finally, after shooting 1000s of photographs, and studying 1000s more, I understood. First you must start with an overall decent photograph: good light, nicely styled wardrobe, correct composition, the right white balance and exposure, framing and posing. And then you transform it. You don’t just randomly play in Photoshop (although I’ve learned lots by doing just that!). You create something new from your original canvas – you take your image to the next level by bringing your vision to life with your digital paintbrush. You “add value” and create art. Since a picture paints a 1000 words let me show you a few Before/After images to illustrate my point.

Girl on mossy tree stump

Little girl on mossy stump

Boy holding flowersBoy holding flowersWoman in flowing gown on beachPregnant woman on beach in flowing gown

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