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I know you may be thinking, “ugh, I’m so tired, bloated, uncomfortable…” and you might be wondering ‘how in the world can I even consider having my photograph taken’? But how can you NOT document this time in your life? Your body won’t always be capable of creating new life. You and your baby are miracles and you will soon be bringing this new life into the world. Perhaps it’s your first, or maybe your last…either way it’s important to celebrate the power of the feminine body, and it isn’t only about the end result.  Looking AND FEELING radiant in a stunning gown (or not!), having your hair and makeup perfect and being captured in a beautiful environment is empowering and will be something you will remember and value for the rest of your life. Through fine art portraiture, future generations will be able to experience that moment as though they were there, almost living that time with you!

Maternity in water

Maternity in oceanMaternity against tree at beach


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